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Bridge to Health also look after patients who have had other cancer related surgery involving deep or superficial lymph nodes to help them manage their Lymphoedema risk.

Dr. John Rimmer talks about LDEX for Lymphedema in Jupiter, Florida

Bridge to Health offer care to breast cancer patients after surgery and while undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Measurements of the affected arm are taken so that we can monitor any changes.


Fluid levels are monitored using an L-dex machine. All our physiotherapists are trained in Lymphoedema massage, compression bandaging and ordering and fitting of compression garments.

Post-Operative Breast Cancer Care

​Lymphoedema most commonly affects the arms or legs. But it can develop in other body areas, such as the chest, abdomen, genitals, head and neck, face, back, breast or armpit and the pelvic area. It is a long term (chronic) condition which can’t be cured, but can usually be well controlled.
At Bridge to Health all our physiotherapists are trained to diagnose and treat lympoedema. We are able to take measurements of the affected area and can also measure the fluid in the affected area using bio-impedance. Lymphoedema can be controlled by using a range of modalities including massage, bandaging, exercise and compression garments. We are able to help you with all aspects of management of this problem.

​Lymphoedema is a build up of lymph fluid that causes swelling in an area of the body. Lymph fluid is in all body tissues. If the lymph drainage channels or lymph nodes in a part of the body are blocked or removed or damaged, lymph fluid can build up in that area and cause swelling. Some people with cancer develop lymphoedema due to changes in the lymphatic system caused by the cancer. Or they may have it due to treatments such as surgery or radiotherapy.

What is Lymphoedema?


A common post surgical condition resulting in swelling of the limbs after lymph node removal.


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